JOHNSON THEATRE The Flamingos Have Arrived!

Flamingo Fundraiser 2018

International Thespian Festival 2018

In support of our amazing students who have qualified to attend this year's International Thespian Convention in Omaha, Nebraska.

This is an incredible and rare opportunity for our students to showcase their talents and compete on an international level!

Thank you for your support!

How to Order Your Flock of Flamingos:

For a small fee, our flock will grace your friend’s or neighbor’s yard for 24 hours of pinktastic pranking before our trained bird-herders come to collect their fledglings.

If you have an aversion to water fowl, consider purchasing flocking insurance to ensure your lawn remains flock-free during flocking season


Purchase your flock selection securely using Square, Johnson Theatre's Payment Provider.

Purchase Your Flock


Please use the "Add additional note to merchant" section to provide the address where your Flock should ascend, as well as any additional info needed (e.g. gate code).


Wait for your Flock to arrive! While you do, share our Fundraiser with others and help us reach our goal!